Elite Statue Store in Hong Kong & Macau

G-Link (Hong Kong) Limited had been Deployed by XM Studios and Hand Made Object (HMO) as official distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macau. 

About XM Studios:

XM Studios® is Singapore's very own producer of limited edition premium statue collectibles. Sourcing only the most creative designers, experienced sculptors, renowned painters and combining feedback from what fans love and like, XM Studios endeavours to create only the most outstanding original designs of exquisite value. Current franchise properties include Marvel Movie Characters as well as Classic Comic Characters such as Ironman, Hulk, Captain America and many more beloved characters.

About HMO :

H.M.O stands for Hand Made Objects, Our belief is that every piece of collectible figurine is one masterpiece of art form; therefore, they should all be produced and hand crafted by passionate individuals. We strives in creating the highest quality collectibles that stand out to the crowd. We truly believe that H.M.O. can produce unique pieces of art that is well crafted as well as innovative.

H.M.O is a company formed by 2 industry veterans namely Benjamen Wu and Mufizal . With combined experience of over 20 years , the founders are well versed in the general entertainment media. More specifically , video games. We will (amongst other things) be primarily focused on delivering AAA quality digital entertainment Marquette which includes video games. With over 20 years experience at the head of the company , we believe that H.M.O is in a unique position to be able to deliver on this goal.

G-Link operating hours:

Mon to Fri: 10am to 5pm.

Saturday: 9am to 2pm (By Booking, Please make a booking with us if your like to come on Saturday)

Sunday OFF.


  1. We only accept walk in customers orders and online order within Hong Kong and Macau. 
  2. Each Customer only allow to order 2 pc for the same product and require full downpayment upon ordering. 
  3. Ignore the 200HKD shipping free if you are going to self pick up at our office.
  4. Shipping method is another issue for Macau customers, please contact us for details.