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Figurama 1/6 Made in Abyss Elite Diorama Statue - Sold Out

Figurama 1/6 Made in Abyss Elite Diorama Statue - Sold Out


The world’s first Made in Abyss statue reimagines Riko and Reg’s descent into the Abyss. Home to hidden Artifacts, the lush ecosystem bursts with life as moss, lichen, and lucky Flowers of Fortitude flourish amid rocky crags. Albino squirrel-like creatures observe the daring adventurers as they traverse rugged terrain and crystalline waters that ebb and flow with LED lighting.


However, the beauty of the Abyss also conceals countless dangers. The base, interspersed with the symbols of Riko’s mother’s White Whistle Artifact, graphically details the stages of the Abyss’s Curse—from dizziness, to death—symbolizing the risk these two explorers must take in order to reach their goal. Fortunately, Reg is fully equipped to protect Riko, armed with his LED-glowing Incinerator or the interchangeable Blaze Reap pickaxe that once belonged to Lyza the Annihilator herself. Matching Riko’s glowing headlamp, Reg’s LED-powered helmet features the iconic backlit pattern that represents his energy levels.



Edition Size: 500 pieces worldwide

Series: Elite Diorama Statue

Release Date: Q3 2021

Size: 1/6 scale – Approximately: H 38cm x W 30cm x D 30cm (H 15in x W 12in x D 12in)

Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by Figurama Collectors CEO, Mr. Shanab, and 3D artist, Artem Gansior

Includes: Swappable right Blade Reap pickaxe or Incinerator Canon for Reg; exclusive art print; LED lighting in Reg’s Incinerator Canon, the water, and Riko and Reg’s helmets

Store Exclusive: HD downloadable wallpaper for mobile and desktop featuring the Made in Abyss Elite Diorama art print

Materials: Polystone, PVC, Diecast Metal

Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team

Concept Artist: Joshua Corpuz, Daniel Kamarudin

3D Artist/Sculptor: Artem Gansior

Coloring Artist: Three Eyes Studio

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