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Kadokawa x ACME 1/4 Ainz Ooal Gown & Arubedo Set (with Special Parts) ES 300 (Sold out)

Kadokawa x ACME 1/4 Ainz Ooal Gown & Arubedo Set (with Special Parts) ES 300 (Sold out)


アインズ・ウール・ゴウン&アルベド 1/4スケールスタチュー

  • PVC&ポリストーン製塗装済み完成品
  • 1/4スケール
  • 全高:約62cm(アインズ)、約59cm(アルベド)
  • 全幅:約58cm(アインズ)、約38cm(アルベド)
  • 奥行:約54cm(アインズ)、約45cm(アルベド)
  • 付属品:
  • 企画制作:KDcolle(KADOKAWAコレクション)
  • 発売元:KADOKAWA

 The Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo of the Overlord, The 1/4 scale statue with a total height of about 62 cm and a weight of about 20 kg two weighty statues, finally make their debut.

On the throne of the underground great tomb of Nazarick sits the absolute ruler Ainz, and by his side stands the figure of Albedo, the overseer of the floor guardians

Ainz, seated on the throne, had an air of authority. The skeleton peeping through the robe has a subtle shadow, and the whole statue can make you feel the designer's extreme pursuit of Ainz and his adornments. The abdominal orbs and eyeballs are fitted with LEDs, and Ainz's red eyes are well recreated.

In stark contrast to Ainz, Albedo is presented to us with her soft body curves, tender and white skin, long dress, dark wings, and the whole painting style with different textures.

With a smile on her face, we could feel her joy standing next to her favorite Ainz.


As a bonus part only for the two-body set, the facial expression can be replaced with the "Jealousy Mask" that appeared in the work. The range of fun expands.


It is the figure of the ruler of the underground great tomb of Nasalik and the faithful servant that exude an overwhelming sense of presence,

Be sure to experience this masterpiece for yourself.

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