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Kids Logic 1/4 Gemini Saga Statue with Digital Sound System (PO)

Kids Logic 1/4 Gemini Saga Statue with Digital Sound System (PO)

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ST13 1/4 Gemini Saga Statue with Digital Sound System

Limited Edition: 300 pcs worldwide.

Estimate Release Date: Dec, 2019.

Manufactured by: Kids Logic Co Ltd

Licensed by: Toei Animation Enterprises Ltd.

Order Closed Time: 12 noon HKT, 26 July, 2019 (Friday)

Barcode: 4897034450149

Kids Logic is proud to present the first Gold Saint from Saint Seiya -

ST13 1/4 Gemini Saga Statue with Digital Speaker.  Saga disguised

himself as the Pope and was the first Gold Saint that was introduced

in the story along with Leo Aiolia.  Saga is often described by other

characters as someone with the kindness of an angel but with the

darkness of a demon.  This ambivalence ended up creating a split

personality: a good Saga that was extremely loyal to Athena, and an

evil one that keeps control of the body most of the time and killed

the previous Pope to steal his place.  His famous attacking techniques

include Galaxian Explosion, Another Dimension, Demon Emperor Fist etc.

Followed by the gorgeous ST09 1/4 Armored Athena Statue, this 1/4

Gemini Saga Statue is the second one in the product line this year.

With the big scale of 50 cm tall, it might be the largest scale of

Saga's merchandise in the world so far.  As Saint Seiya fans, we pay

attention to every detail of the sculpture and we apply our

experienced painting technique to perform the strongest metallic

painting effect on the gold armour of our First Gold Saint - GEMINI


This is absolutely a must-have item for all Saint Seiya collectors.


Figurine Dimension: 32 (W) X 35 (L) X 47 cm (H: Height of Gemini Saga)

Stand Base Dimension: 35 cm (Diameter) X 24 cm (H: Height of the Base)

Weight: Estimate 15kg

Material: Poylstone, Resin, PVC, Metal Parts

Detail Painting: Metallic Painting Effect, Weathering Effect

Wireless Digital Sound System at the stand base of the statue

Creative Director: Kenneth Kan

Concept Design: Skan Srisuwan @ Studio HIVE

Sculptor: Wandah Kurniawan

Prototype Painter: Titinun

Photographer: One Shot Studio

Production Manager: CM Wong

Painting Controller: Mick Lee

**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

**Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

** The Estimate Released Date is for reference only.  Final Release

Date will be updated at this website from time to time.  Release Dates

are subject to change.

Deposit: 2400HKD

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