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No 3 Galaxias Heritage Heroes Life size Captain America Bronze Bust Marvel Statue

No 3 Galaxias Heritage Heroes Life size Captain America Bronze Bust Marvel Statue

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A timeless pop culture icon immortalized


Galaxias' Heritage Heroes unveils to the world a pioneering line of never before seen masterpieces in Heritage Heroes. Captain America comes to life in a bronze Marvel statue. The world's foremost super-soldier will endure for generations in a unique artform.

Crystalizing pop culture to transcend time, the master crafters and premier artists Joe Menna and Mufizal breathed life into this most elusive Marvel collectible. Welding together their wealth of expertise, inspired by a concept art from Soefara Jafney Jaafar, and the magic of Marvel storytelling, this lustrous gem stands fit for the untiring sentinel of liberty and leader of the Avengers.

Each stroke splendidly designed, every detail masterfully envisioned, fantasy became reality in this bronze Marvel statue. In the whole world, Galaxias will release only 20 pieces of this bronze art. Each statue will be specially numbered in keeping with our commitment to the highest quality of art and exclusivity deserved by patrons.

This limited edition, handcrafted marvel embodies the spirit of Marvel's legendary hero. Encased in enduring bronze, each stroke and detail tells a story of passion.

Own a piece of legacy. Live on with Galaxias' Heritage Heroes.

This Marvel collectible 1/1 scale bronze bust statue is available only for pre-order. Customers with shipping addresses in the Hongkong and Macau territories may avail of this product through our website. Ensuring the utmost care and concern, the statue comes with its own packaging designed to be secure during transport.


Estimate Size: 58cm x 53cm x 100cm

Estimate Weight: G.W. 75kg

N.W. 55kg

Package: TBA

Material: Bronze

Shipping Information: Free Delivery for HK and Macau address

Payment: Full payment require for Pre Order.

Delivery Data: 3 to 6 months time base on first come first serve.  


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