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Oniri Creation 1/4 Luffy (Sold Out)

Oniri Creation 1/4 Luffy (Sold Out)

For our very first project on the highly anticipated One Piece license, we are extremely proud to present Monkey D. Luffy, in all his ¼ scale glory, for the first time in Europe. The Captain of the Straw Hat Crew here strikes his charismatic pose from the poster of the feature film Stampede.

Limited to only 1000 copies, each statue will be delivered with its certificate of authenticity as well as its numbered and individually engraved 24-karat gold-plated piece.


Taking the iconic pose of the One Piece Stampede poster, Luffy proudly sits on his treasure chest. He wears a giant helmet from Elbaf Island, as well as a bag full of food.
With 2 interchangeable heads and 2 hat options, or a total of 4 display possibilities, our future Pirate King can look confident and determined, or wear a wide smile ( this head is going through approvals). For our QSC (Quarter Scale Collectibles) range, we have pushed all the details to the maximum. A very time-consuming and meticulous texture work was required, in particular for the strikingly realistic clothes, from the aged wood of the trunk, to the details of the Berrys.

A superb metallic finish was applied to the giant's helmet, as well as the gold coins.
For the skin parts, the use of a semi-translucent resin provides real depth and gives life to the character.


  • DIMENSIONSH45 x W30 x D38 cm
  • LICENSEOne Piece
  • SCALE1/4
  • SCULPTORSPierre-Marie Albert, Gabriel Lemaire
  • PAINTERKevin Ferrer, Logan Lebailly
  • CONCEPTOniri Creations
  • ART DIRECTIONRomain Lapi
  • Deposit: 2400HKD

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