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Oniri Creation : Griffith - The Fallen Hawk (Pre Order)

Oniri Creation : Griffith - The Fallen Hawk (Pre Order)

Name of the statue: Griffith - The Fallen Hawk

Dimensions: H17 x W25 x D19 cm

Edition size : 500 copies

Release date : Q2 2021

Presentation of the statue:

Key character in Kentaro Miura's story, Griffith « The Fallen Hawk » is the second

statue in our Berserk line.

Weakened and humiliated by the full year of torture he's had to endure, the leader

of the Band of the Hawk is now hardly the shadow of his former self. Turning point

for Griffith and the storyline in general, our statue depicts the moment when he

decides to sacrifice his companions using the demonic power of the Behelit. And as

a result starts the event known as the Eclipse.

- Griffith's base has been designed so that you can display it alone or with

Femto to create a diorama.

Limited to only 500 copies, each statue comes with its certificate of authenticity.


A very time-consuming sculpt and paint work was involved to translate the

character's immense suffering in statue form. Be it his helmet, token of his former

life as a leader, or the bandages covering his body, no details were spared to make

this a must-have in any Berserk collection.

Cast in clear resin,the base Griffith kneels on was painted in similar tones to

that of Femto's, allowing them both to be displayed together, forming a mesmerizing

diorama of the character's transformation.

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