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Queen Studios 1/4 Spider-Man VS Venom Regular (Pre-Order) Cut off 31/3

Queen Studios 1/4 Spider-Man VS Venom Regular (Pre-Order) Cut off 31/3

Crafted with impeccable detail and precision, this dynamic diorama captures the heart-pounding clash between the iconic symbiote and the legendary web-slinger. Towering at 1/4 scale, the statue brings to life every intricate detail of Venom's menacing form and Spider-Man's agile stance, creating a mesmerizing centerpiece for any collector's display. 

Witness the raw power of Venom as he lunges forward with his symbiotic tendrils, emanating an aura of power and strength. Meanwhile, Spider-Man leaps into action, poised for battle, capturing the essence of his heroic spirit. 

This extraordinary statue features a unique base that can be separated, allowing Venom and Spider-Man to be displayed as individual pieces. Additionally, Choose between the Standard Edition, featuring Spider-Man with one head sculpt (Big Lenses) and Venom with one head sculpt (Saliva of the Tongue), and Premium Edition, which includes Spider-Man with three head sculpts (Big, Middle, and Small Lenses) and Venom with three head sculpts (Tongue Out, Saliva of the Tongue, and Saliva-Out). 

With its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, our 1/4 Spider-Man VS Venom diorama is a must have for Marvel enthusiasts and collectors alike. Bring the epic battle between these iconic characters to life in your collection and elevate your display to new heights of excitement and drama.

Edition Size: 

Regular Edition: 188

Premium Edition: 88

Est. Delivery: Q1 2025


Product: Spider-Man VS Venom 1/4 Statue

Special Feature: The base can be separated, allowing Venom and Spider-Man to be displayed as individual pieces. 

Material*: Resin, PU

Product Size: 76CM (H) X 76CM (W) X 77CM (D)

Individual Product Size:

Venom: 76cm (H) X 75cm (W) X 66cm (D)

Spider-Man: 36cm (H) X 50cm (W) X 33cm (D)

Deposit: 3800HKD

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