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Queen Studios Iron Man Mark2 1/1 Statue (Pre-Order)

Queen Studios Iron Man Mark2 1/1 Statue (Pre-Order)


Product: Iron Man Mark2 1/1 Statue
Material*: Resin, PU, PC
Size: 214CM(H) X 115CM(W) X 115CM(D)
Edition Size: 129
Est. Delivery: Q4, 2024

About the Statue 

This 1/1 Scale Iron Man Mark II statue is an impeccable tribute to Stark’s legendary armor from Marvel Studios’ Iron Man (2008). Crafted with unparalleled precision, this MK2 statue immortalizes Iron Man in his iconic silver armor, capturing his heroic gaze and clenched fists.

Specifications and Special Features 

The statue stands at an impressive 214 cm, and it has a detachable breastplate, allowing for customizable display options. The circular LED light adorns the base, giving the statue a captivating visual impact. The statue also has internal lighting in the eyes, arc reactor, palm repulsors, calves, and chest sides. The dynamic internal lighting makes the statue a stunning centerpiece in any room.

Deposit: 27000HKD

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