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Queen Studios - Optimus Prime Human-Size Statue (Pre Order)

Queen Studios - Optimus Prime Human-Size Statue (Pre Order)


Brand: Queen Studios
License: Hasbro
Product Name: Optimus Prime Human-Size Statue
Material*: GFRP, Resin, PU
Product Size: 236cm (H) × 150cm (W) × 110cm (D)
Edition Size: 99
Estimated Delivery Date: Q2 2025

About the Statue

Standing tall at 236cm and spanning 150cm in width, the Optimus Prime Human-Size Statue redefines your perception of the Autobot leader. This monumental piece captures every intricate detail of Optimus Prime in stunning human-scale proportions. With its vivid colors of brilliant red, blue, and brushed metal, Optimus Prime commands attention as he faces forward with unwavering resolve.

Key Features

The Optimus Prime Statue is a masterpiece of Transformers artistry, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of this iconic character. From its intricately designed mechanical parts to the luminous eyes and the Quad Barrel Shotgun with lighting feature, every aspect is meticulously recreated to evoke the spirit of Optimus Prime.

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