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Queens Studio 1/1 Joker (Police) Bust <Pre Order>

Queens Studio 1/1 Joker (Police) Bust <Pre Order>

The Joker has single-handily brought Gotham to its knees. Why does no one notice The Joker at Commissioner Loeb’s funeral at City Hall? He is an agent of chaos. A man who cannot be bought. He is Batman’s only adversary who truly got the upper hand. Granted the Bat sent him to Arkham, but at a very high price. Queen Studios’ would like to introduce you to our latest addition to our DC Collection, this life-size scale 1/1 Heath Ledger Joker Police Uniform bust from DC’s The Dark Knight.

This Queen Studios’ 1/1 life-size scale bust of the Police Uniform Joker stands at 87cm tall. Compared to Queen Studios’ other hyper-realistic Joker statues; this life-size Joker Bust takes the likeness of Heath Ledger to another level. This bust captures the Joker moments before he tries to assassinate the Mayor of Gotham at City Hall. The Joker isn’t wearing his usual clown make-up. Instead, he is clean faced with his Glasgow Grin stretching from ear to ear. Disguised in a GCPD uniform, he’s holding a standard issue M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle poised and ready to fire .

The Joker, a master of disguise hides among Gotham City’s finest in plain sight. His navy blue GCPD uniform is hand tailored with incredible accuracy. No detail is spared, from the engraved buttons, to the GCPD badge, cap, and star-spangled banner flag pin. His standard issue M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle is sculpted to scale using polystone with a leather look strap. The base for the 1/1 Joker bust captures the architecture from the parade scene to tie the piece together.

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