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Queens Studios 1/6 Cygnus Hyoga Statue (Pre-Order)

Queens Studios 1/6 Cygnus Hyoga Statue (Pre-Order)

Cygnus Hyoga is one of the key protagonists of Saint Seiya. Cygnus spent his early life in the icy lands of Eastern Siberia. It was in these barren ice-lands where he was trained by Aquarius Camus, learning to manipulate the ice.


Queen Studios’ Cygnus Hyoga 1/6 statue is inspired by one of the character’s more iconic poses. To recreate the character, the QS team have focused on the intricate detailing that makes the Cygnus stand out. His golden hair flows over his helmet. On closer inspection, you can see his piercing blue eyes staring forward with a steely determination, as his sculpted muscular arms clap together. His battle damaged armour is hand painted by artists to highlight every detail in the bronze saint's outfit. Behind him is a blast of ice, casting a dramatic silhouette of teal and ice blue.

The base on this sixth scale Cygnus Hyoga statue features crystal like icicles breaking through the ground. At the centre, is the classic swan shape presented in form of the ice storm, creating a strong visual impact as if the energy is about to burst out! 

Each of the five bronze saints comes equipped with a decorative Cloth Box or Pandora Box in which each of the 88 Cloths are stored when not worn 
in the books. Just like the statues, each box is perfectly scaled and includes intricate detailing making them the perfect addition to your Saint Seiya collection!

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