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XM 1/4 Rhino w/ Plaque (Pre Order)

XM 1/4 Rhino w/ Plaque (Pre Order)

XM Studios is excited to present our next 1:4 MARVEL Premium Collectibles series statue, Beast!

Pre-Order opens 3 Jul 2021, Saturday 6pm (UTC+8).
Pre-Order before 17 Jul 2021, 6pm SGT (UTC+8) to receive a Rhino collectible Display Plaque as your early bird pre-order gift.

Description “Aleksei Sytsevich was just another thug in the Russian Mafia, grasping at dreams of easy money, and headed for a short brutal life. Seduced by promises of wealth and power, Aleksei underwent a life-threatening series of chemical and radiation treatments to transform him after several months into the superhumanly strong agent for a collective of professional spies - in part, to support his family…”read more here


  • Rhino charges forward with unstoppable power, a crushed NYC yellow cab at his feet
  • Incredibly detailed texture that resembles rhinoceros’ skin on Rhino
  • Numberplate on the yellow cab reveals something special. Rhino fans, can you decipher it?
  • Crafted in cold cast porcelain.
  • Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the high-quality finish.


  • Rafa Sandoval (2D)
  • Tiago Rios (Sculpt)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

Estimated Product details: 52*53*50cm, 20kg
Estimated Box Dimension and Weight: 66*59*57cm, 32kg

Deposit: 2400HKD

Free shipping for HK customers.

Free Shipping!