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XM 1/4 Wolverine (X-Force) Ver.B (Pre-Order)

XM 1/4 Wolverine (X-Force) Ver.B (Pre-Order)

XM Studios is excited to present our next 1/4 scale Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, Wolverine (X-Force)! Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish. 

Wolverine is in mid battle as the mechanical tendrils coiled around his foot while he stands on a weathered destroyed base. This dynamic, powerful pose features Wolverine in a full mask on as he delivers an upward attack, slicing the tendrils and leaving it in pieces. 

Wolverine’s X-Force black-themed costume is battered with scratches and battle damage dealt from the fight. Scars can be seen on the half-torn switchout head portrait. XM team modernized the costume with textured mesh details and panels and the team’s paint application further accentuates Wolverine’s musculature and the veins and hair on his arms.

Comes in Version A and Version B; Version A shows Wolverine in the upward attack torso with its respective two portrait switchouts – one fully masked with a gaping mouth and one half-torn mask, a gaping mouth, revealing Wolverine’s blue eye.

Version B comes with an additional switchout torso that shows Wolverine in a taunting pose with arms on his side and its respective 2 additional head portraits – one fully masked with clenched teeth and one half-torn mask, clenched teeth, revealing Wolverine’s blue eye. A base is included to display the torso separately.

Collectors can display Wolverine (X-Force) with Apocalypse and Archangel, with similar bases featuring hieroglyphics-inspired elements.

Version B features:

  • Two (2) torsos: 1 with Wolverine in upward attack motion, 1 with Wolverine in a taunting pose

  • Four (4) head sculpts: 1 fully masked with gaping mouth, 1 half torn mask with gaping mouth, 1 fully masked with clenched teeth, 1 half torn mask with clenched teeth

  • Highly detailed sculpt featuring Wolverine (X-Force) in mid battle

  • Crafted in Polystone

  • Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish

  • ES:

  • Additional note on switchouts: The gaping mouth head sculpts are intended for the upward attack torso, while the clenched teeth head sculpts are intended for taunting torso. The respective head sculpts are not suitable for the unintended torso. 


Rafa Sandoval (2D)

Alan Sales (3D)  

XM Studios Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: 

XM Studios

Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ. Batteries will not be included for products with light up features due to customs.

Product and Box Dimensions (LxBxH)

Version B 

Product Size: 39x37x50cm; additional torso: 33x18x28cm

Est. Box Size: 80x60x30cm

Est. Product Weight: 15kg

Est. Shipping Weight: 18kg

Deposit: 3600HKD
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