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XM 1/4 Iceman (Pre Order)

XM 1/4 Iceman (Pre Order)



XM Studios is excited to present our next Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, Iceman! Literally, the coolest mutant is immortalized in amazingly detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish. Crafted in a specially developed cold-cast polyresin material for the first time in all of XM’s creations, this special material was researched and developed together with the manufacturing factory’s senior engineering teams to achieve a realistic frosted ice effect (instead of common clear resin) that is durable and original to XM. The raw material is more costly to develop due to the special attributes but hey, Iceman deserves the best ice materials! Iceman is designed in a dynamic pose on a ice slide, showing his abilities atop a Danger Room themed base.


Bobby Drake discovered his mutant power to create ice while in his early teens, yet kept his condition hidden from everyone but his parents…read more at https://www.marvel.com/characters/iceman 


The Iceman Premium Collectibles statue features:

  • Specially developed cold-cast polyresin material (Solid and heavy)

  • Limited edition : MTO

  • Art print by Carlos Dattoli 


  • Studio HIVE (Illustrator, Design and Concept Collaboration with XM Studios)

  • Philip Herman (Sculpt)

  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: 
XM Studios


Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ


Product size : 60 cm  L X 40 cm B X 52 cm H

Est. Box Size : 86 cm L X 55 cm B X 32 cm H

Est. Product Weight : 17.5 Kg

Est. shipping weight : 29 kg

Free shipping for HK and Macau customers. 

PO end on 15 March 2019.

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