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XM 1/4 Spiderman

XM 1/4 Spiderman


XM Studios is excited to present our next Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, Spider-Man! Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man swings into XM as an amazingly detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain statue! Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish. Don't miss out on possibly one of the most dynamic Spider-Man statue produced in premium quality!


Peter Parker was orphaned at the age of six and left in the care of his elderly uncle and aunt, Ben and May Parker. Peter was academically gifted, displaying an uncanny affinity for science that was nothing short of genius.…read more at https://www.marvel.com/characters/spider-man-earth-58163


The Spider-Man Premium Collectibles statue features:

  • Three (3) interchangeable head sculpts; McFarlane inspired masked head, Romita inspired masked head, battle damaged masked head revealing Peter Parker’s determined expression

  • Incredibly detailed base featuring; Doctor Octopus’ titanium-steel tentacles curled around the Oscorp towers grabbing at Spidey, traces of sand on the platform signalling an ambush from Sandman, and yikes - Green Goblin’s deadly Pumpkin Bombs heading straight at Spider-Man! 

  • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain 

  • Limited edition : MTO (Capped at maximum 700 pcs)

  • Art print by Carlos Dattoli


  • Soefara Jafney Jaafar (Illustrator, Design and Concept Collaboration with XM Studios)

  • Mufizal Mokhtar, Paul Tan (Sculpt)

  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: 
XM Studios


Note: Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ


Product size : 55 cm  L X 50 cm B X 73 cm H 

Est. Box Size : 75 cm L X 75 cm B X 65 cm H

Est. Product Weight : 8.5 Kg

Est. shipping weight : 16.5 kg

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