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XM Exclusive Christmas Carol Masterpiece Set < Pre Order>

XM Exclusive Christmas Carol Masterpiece Set < Pre Order>

About Art Series - In support of Personal Work
by Artists we love


XM's Art Series is an initiative to promote and support personal work by incredibly talented artists. Often, Artists create original or personal works but are unable to fund and manage the product life cycle process; manufacturing, production, quality control, packaging, marketing and distribution. As a result, many of these amazing works never see the light of day - which is a great pity. XM created this Art Series line specially to help give these Artists a chance to turn their work into reality; the finest cold cast porcelain finish XM is renowned for. While there are no licensing fees due to originality of these concepts, these Art Pieces will only be produced in strictly limited quantities. Only the highest quality materials, design and engineering, packaging and quality assurance will be used. And the final product is the heart, mind and soul of the Artists - no interference from XM or licensors, just pure unadulterated original work of art by the artists you love and support. From a sustainability perspective, there needs to be minimum order quantity, defined as goals, before the project makes it to production and surpassing the goal means more bonus for the Artists, yay! Rest assured - XM pledges that Artists are guaranteed to be fairly paid in professional commercial standards with royalties paid to them. This is XM's investment and commitment in supporting these Artists. Welcome to the XM Art Series.


About the Artist - Tim Bruckner


Tim Holter Bruckner has been a professional free-lance sculptor for over fifty years. He’s created works for virtually every major gift, toy and specialty companies in the United Sates.  

He’s appeared in the Spectrum Fantastic Art books (the premier juried annual of the best in fantasy art) fourteen times and has won two Gold Awards in the Dimensional category. He was awarded two Diamond Comic Distributors statue of the Year awards as well as an award for Product of the Year.  In 2009, he was inducted into the ToyFare Hall of Fame.  


He’s been featured in dozens of magazine and online articles including Blue Canvas and Amazing Figure Modeler, as well as Fantasy Art Magazine, China’s most popular pop culture publication. His work has appeared in several successful gallery exhibitions. He sculpted two alligator suits for the movies Joe Panther and Alligator. He did a handful of album covers for various artists; Ray Charles, Ringo Starr, The Average White Band, George Clinton and Parliament, and a dust jacket for Cat Stevens, Buddha and the Chocolate box. He stepped away from sculpting for a while to pursue a music career. When common sense returned in the form, shape and substance of his amazing wife, Mary, he went back to sculpture with a vengeance. Pop Sculpture, co-authored by Tim, published in 2010 by Watson/Guptill, has become the go-to book on how to use traditional methods to create action figures and collectible statues. Tim is currently focused on personal work and private commissions.


“Art, for me, is a collaboration between the artist and the viewer. The hope is that we both invest something personal and true to arrive at place of a shared intimacy.” 



Limited Time Order Mechanics (Do not miss out!)


Orders open date: Sun, 1st Dec 2019 11:00 GMT+8.
Closing date: Friday, 31st January 2020 11:00 GMT +8.

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its 1st goal (300 orders) by Orders closing date. If total orders do not meet the goal, XM will notify all who have paid and issue a full refund and project will not be produced.


GOAL #1 : 300 Orders and Above (Standard Edition)

  • Hand Sculpted Statue will be crafted in immaculate XM quality Cold Cast Porcelain 

  • Intricately designed Packaging Art Box, replica of the 1st Edition Cover design

  • 4 Key Characters;

    • Jacob Marley with unique Book Base

    • The Ghost of Christmas Present with unique Book Base

    • Ebenezer Scrooge with unique Book Base

    • Tiny Tim with unique Book Base

    • SPECIAL: 1st 50 XM online orders will also receive an ADDITIONAL Dickens Society Exclusive switch out portrait for Marley!

  • Manufacturing by XM Studios

GOAL #2 : 500 Orders (Bonus Edition)

Capped at 500 as we want to keep this piece limited and rare. Orders beyond 500 will be refunded.)

  • Additional Metal Certificate of Authenticity (Everyone gets a bonus gift!)

  • SPECIAL: 1st 100 orders will also receive an additional personal signature on the Box Cover and a signed personal thank you note from T.Bruckner!


Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.

Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary.


Est. Product Size (Inches)

  • Ebenezer Scrooger: 3.38L X 3.5B X 8.25 H

  • Jacob Marley: 6L X 4.5B X 7.75 H 

  • The Ghost of Christmas Present: 6.34L X 3.12B X 10.25 H

  • Tiny Tim: 5.18L X 4B X 7.5 H


NOTE:  Estimated production time required is 4 - 6 months from order closure date. Shipping costs to be determined later.


Deposit: 1800HKD

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