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開天工作室X Penguin Toys 《黑暗騎士》蝙蝠俠 1/1半身像 (Pre-Order)

開天工作室X Penguin Toys 《黑暗騎士》蝙蝠俠 1/1半身像 (Pre-Order)

In the "Dark Knight Trilogy", Christian Bale's outstanding performance brought us one of the most iconic Batman images in movie history, and the trilogy has become an outstanding masterpiece of superhero movies. After the Joker and Selina Kyle, Infinity Studio has finally presented the core character--Batman by our proud life size bust!

In our design we chose to focus on the actor's appearance instead of let him wearing his helmet again, Batman holds his helmet in his hands, his head scuplt was created using our proud medical-level silicone to reflect Bruce Wayne's determination; the Batsuit is delicate painted to restore the varied textures of the armor exactly according to the official materials; the cape is made of real fabric with excellent texture; on the base part we fused elements of the Batmobile into the base design. The Batman logo and the engine exhaust details are all come with light-up functions, which brings excellent display effect! We hope that this bust will become our collector's definitive collection!




材料: 寶麗石、醫用鉑金硅膠、布料、高溫絲等

尺寸: 90.6cm *66.1cm *63.1cm

預計出貨:Q1 2024

Deposit: 12000HKD

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